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How the Engendering STEM project is providing impactful solutions and tools to support STEM focused SMEs in developing inclusive workplace practices

In the third of our interviews with key speakers who are presenting at SEC 11th -12th October 2018, Douglas Morrison discusses his work at City of Glasgow College helping to support STEM focused SME’s develop inclusive workplace practices via the Erasmus+ funded Engendering STEM project. Biography  Douglas Morrison is an experienced educator with a demonstrated … Continued

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How the Catalan Women in Science Committee is developing gender equality policies to promote female talent and further economic and social progress

  In the second of our interviews with key speakers who are presenting at SEC 11th -12th October 2018, Dr. Anna Berga i Timoneda discusses the importance of her work as Chair of the Women in Science Committee (Catalan Government) and how promoting female talent is not only a matter of justice, but also economic … Continued

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Seeing Intersectionality through the lens of Compassion

Dr Kathryn Waddington

  In the first of our interviews with key speakers who are presenting at SEC 11th -12th October 2018, Kathryn Waddington and Deborah Husbands discuss the importance of compassion in respect of intersectionality and the urgent requirement to stop ‘fixing’ people and concentrate on ‘fixing’ our institutions. Kathryn Waddington is a Reader in Psychology at … Continued

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Defining Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity to Build Better STEM Communities

This post was originally published on the Trellis blog and is reproduced here with permission.   The STEMM Equality Congress team are pleased to showcase a blog piece which is part of a series of regular posts on the Trellis blog for science community managers interested in diversity, equity and inclusion. This installment was authored by Rosanna Volchok, … Continued

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The EU objectives for fostering equality in scientific research: 10 years on

EU fostering equality

The 1957 Treaty of Rome marked the beginning of the European Union’s (EU) efforts towards gender equality by introducing the principle of equal pay for men and women. Sixty years on and they are still working the cause, gender equality cross-cutting every element of the EU’s flagship Horizon 2020 programme. When the initial 2020 strategy … Continued

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What does gender and diversity equality bring to the business table?

  Ignore gender and diversity equality at your peril should be the mantra of the global business world. Yet whilst gender and ethnic diversity in business has been a hot topic over the last five years, many companies continue to pay little more than lip service to the concept. A 2015 study by PwC found … Continued

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The economic importance of gender equality; findings from The World Economic Forum’s 2017 Gender Gap report

Gender equality is fundamental to the structure of economies and societies. By integrating women into the global and economic community, countries can gain skills, ideas and perspectives that will allow their economy to thrive. A key advocate for global gender equality is the World Economic Forum, led by Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab. In … Continued

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Highlights from the European Commission’s 2017 gender equality report

  Within the European Union, gender equality remains a fundamental value. Since 1957, the EU has worked to initiate gender-responsive treaties as a means to promote economic equality and tolerance. In response to this continued effort, the European Commission has released their 2017 Report on Equality Between Women and Men in the EU. Along with … Continued

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How is the American Association for the Advancement of Science helping in the advancement of women in STEM?

As the sixth in our series of presentation summaries from the STEM Gender Equality Conference, we explore the topline findings and conclusions from Head of Education and Human Resources Programs at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Dr. Shirley Malcom’s address at the congress. Dr. Malcom’s presentation focused on the barriers faced … Continued

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