Interaction and exchange of ideas is vital to the success of a congress and the 2018 event will provide structured “power hour” workshops and satellite workshops to enable delegates to gain hands-on experience and knowledge exchange.

  • Workshops led by international research project leaders – experts in developing equality plans and drawing on experience from multiple sectors
  • Engage, share your experience and learn what can be applied to your own work
  • Learn and understand practical skills, methods and approaches to take away and apply.

If you miss anything during the workshops all literature will be available post-event for you to utilise.

Panel sessions

Delegates in 2017 described the panels as: “one of the best #WomeninSTEM #WomeninTech panels”

The panel sessions at SEC 2018 will create the ideal environment to directly engage and debate with high profile government, funding agency, policy, NGO, academic and industry strategy, policy and practice leaders in equality and diversity with plenty of time to interact. You will be able to:

  • Ask questions specific to your organisation, be given direct, immediate feedback, and drive the discussion
  • Listen to in-depth debate that offers you lessons that can be applied to your own work
  • Identify the discussions most relevant to you as a result of expert curation of the panel sessions

If you miss anything during the debates all presentations are recorded so you can review all discussions post event. View one of our panels from 2017 here.

In-depth thought leadership

Our delegates in 2017 felt that:

The greatest value of the conference was the diversity of presenters, including representatives from countries around the world and from institutions that included academia, industry, government, and NGOs.  Many of the challenges to STEM gender equity are shared across that range of institutions, and learning more of the diverse strategies to address those challenges was highly instructive.”

At the 2018 congress we will offer you the opportunity to hear directly from some of the most successful equality and diversity programs around the world and learn from the best examples of policy implementation. The congress presentations will deliver actionable insights and tools through the speaker presentations.

Understand how:
  • Lessons from these success stories can be applied in your organisation
  • To address opportunities and threats for success
  • You can build equality programs that deliver results and engagement

Policy and practice

Understanding how organisations are assessed externally and internally in terms of equality and diversity and understand how to build building programs that deliver successful results, even after years of experience in the sector there is much to learn from around the world and from different sectors:

“At the STEM Gender Equality Congress 2017, I experienced moments of deepened clarity and understanding around issues I’ve worked on for many years which made the trip and experience very much worth it for me”

The 2018 congress will provide opportunities to hear direct from policy leaders and certification agencies that are driving the future direction of equality and diversity strategy. A unique gathering of high profile government, funding agency, policy, NGO, academic and industry speakers will provide insight and guidance on:

  • Current developments in equality and diversity policy at a national, regional and global level.
  • Practical information on how these policies can impact you and your organisation
  • Guidance on existing and future policy instruments and funding programs to help guide your decision making

The 2018 congress will also offer many opportunities to network directly with these key delegates in the beautiful surroundings of the Beurs van Berlage congress venue.